Why Us?

Westward Holdings’ many years of experience has allowed us to build a broad network of expert resources which, by applying their particular expertise in all areas from providing small to large capital financing to small enterprises and medium-sized firms, have aided them to remain competitive in the present dynamic financial environment.

Whether our clients require the setting up of a new enterprise, expanding an ongoing venture or assessing whether a small venture concept will be feasible or not, Westward Holdings’ network of financiers and group of investment advisors can assist in guiding you to the next business level.

The present financial instability has caused a prevalent scarcity of financing and credit sources to small and medium-sized enterprises, among other ill effects. This deficit has exhibited itself in varying levels of challenges for companies – from stricter, more inflexible lending requirements to the full and outright removal of facilities without considering the eligibility or ineligibility of the applicant for credit.

Nevertheless, together with our panel of creditors, we have continually focused on the needs of the borrower by reminding ourselves that most of the present corporate giants started from the bottom before reaching their respected position, through stages of economic downturns and financial difficulty.

Westward Holdings as well as its creditors submit to traditional, tried-and-tested approaches and do not evaluate loans. Instead, we keep them on our balance sheets; thus, giving the stimulus to provide stable capital and also assuring the borrower recognizes that the original lender maintains the loan.